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Terry Abeles Certified Pedorthist

(Located off County Line Road on Centre Street behind Kentucky Fried Chicken)

kybun Joya Shop Ridgeland

T Abeles & Son
Centre Park Shopping Center
Mississippi 39157

Tel: 601 9562896
E-Mail: shoeman(at)

kybun Joya Shop Ridgelandkybun Joya Shop Ridgelandkybun Joya Shop Ridgelandkybun Joya Shop Ridgeland
kybun Joya Shop Ridgeland
kybun Joya Shop Ridgeland
kybun Joya Shop Ridgeland
kybun Joya Shop Ridgeland

About Us

After specializing in the health and comfort shoe business at T Abeles & Company over 30 years we discovered kybun (kyboot) shoes in 2016.

They were invented by Karl Mueller who earlier invented MBT shoes which were our most successful brand up to that time. By early 2017 we were so impressed with Kyboot shoes that my wife and I made a trip to Switzerland to meet Karl Mueller where we learned about the therapeutic qualities of the kybun shoe. We were amazed at how many medical problems the kybun shoe helped and the response from our customers was overwhelming. From there, our sales of the kybun shoe grew to over 60% of our total sales.

The kybun shoe is different to any other shoe in the world and they work on the theory of Mechano Therapy. Walking on a springy elastic surface allows the feet to function as a drive motor. Our bodies cannot function properly living in a flat paved world. Mechano Therapy is the opposite of the conventional theory of healthy footwear.

After helping so many people and changing their lives for the better we decided to close our multi-line store and open a kybun Joya Store. Joya is a line of health shoes produced by Karl Mueller’s son Karl Mueller Jr.

Please come try on a pair you won’t be disappointed.