Important Instructions for Use

The kybun MechanoTherapy

In the nineties the Swiss man Karl Müller discovered the health enhancing advantages of walking on soft-buoyant loamy ground when he lived in the middle of the rice paddies in Korea.

It was his goal to develop the perfect rice paddy feeling for modern man's walking and standing in everyday life because the therapeutic effect increases the more the feeling on the foot resembles the soft-buoyant rice paddy. After extensive research Müller and his team succeeded in perfectly imitating the rice paddy feeling. He developed the kybun MechanoTherapy with the three components kyBounder, kyBoot und kyTrainer.

With the kybun MechanoTherapy you can bring the sense of well-being and the effect of the soft-buoyant natural ground to your daily routine. Standing on the soft-buoyant spring base kyBounder and actively walking on the kyBoot air cushion sole exercises the foot and leg muscles with every step, brings the body into an upright position, relaxes the muscles, is easy on the joints and relieves venous pressure. On the soft-buoyant material the foot has the full mobility and is being strengthened without tiring.

The Foot - Key to Every Healthy Body

Disorders of the back, hip, knee, foot and veins well as falls at an advanced age are prevalent. The cause is mostly a lack of strength, coordination and mobility of the foot. Walking on flat surfaces in shoes with (impeding) heels limits the movement of the food and weakens your musculature. When walking, the marginal use of the foot is compensated by use of the hip.

This natural cooperation between foot and hip motor activity leads to tension, muscular dysbalance as well as relieving and abnormal postures which intensify in the course of time.

Orthopedic complaints, vein problems and falls at an advanced age are therefore only symptoms of a lack of daily exercise of the feet on natural ground for which man was built. The analysis of the upright posture of primitive people shows that their posture is directly linked to the vigorous footwork which results from daily walking on natural ground. Up to an old age they do not develop complaints of their musculoskeletal system.

Change of the Posture through Strengthening of the Foot

The integration of the kybun MechanoTherapy into daily life strengthens the foot motor so that the hip motor is relieved when walking. The active forces in the musculoskeletal system switch from the hip and pelvis area to the feet. This results in a change to the upright, foot oriented posture where the body gets out of a relieving and bent posture to assume a complete and natural stretching while achieving complete movement of all joints (e.g. stretching of the knee).

The change to a foot oriented posture is an effective measure to achieve alleviation of pain for prevalent medical indications (e.g. heel spurs, bunions). Thereby, not only are symptoms alleviated – except for diagnosed medical conditions – but the cause is being treated as well.

Advice on Use and Initial Reactions

The kyBoot exercises the muscles and the coordination. Wearing of the kyBoot changes the forces of the ligaments, muscles, fibers and joints. This provokes a positive change of the posture and the walking pattern. During the adjustment, some people may show reactions at the beginning, e.g. pain or inflammation.

In this case the kyBoot should only be worn consciously for a short time to start with, but if possible several times a day. Mostly, the daily period of wearing can already be increased to one to two hours after only a few days. After a few weeks, most customers wear the kyBoot as a comfortable everyday shoe.

The kybun website supplies detailed background information about such initial reactions and further valuable tips for use in case of problems. You can get individual advice on medical problems at beratung(at)

Should your physician not recommend the kyBoot or advise against it, please refer the physician to us, so that our biomechanic or our medical specialist can inform him or her about the kybun MechanoTherapy.

Quality Notice

The elasticity of the kyBoot sole will remain even after intensive use.  Depending on the ground and the body weight, the sole is designed for about four million steps.  You will only notice that the sole is getting a bit softer in the course of time. However, this does not denote a deterioration of quality. The sole of the kyBoot is slightly more sensitive than that of a "normal" shoe.

We recommend the kyBoot for walking and light jogging. Do not wear it during rigorous athletic activities. Protect the kyBoot from pointed and sharp objects as these could damage the material.

Recommendations for Care

The leather of the kyBoot is a high quality natural material. Regular cleaning and care guarantee a long life period. Do not use any sour or alkaline agents but solely mild washing and care products. Aggressive fluids such as turpentine, household cleaner and similar substances are not suitable for cleaning the kyBoot. Only clean the kyBoot by hand and avoid water entering the shoe. Use a suitable leather care product after cleaning.

Should water get into the kyBoot, first shake out the water thoroughly. Then remove the remaining fluid with a (liquid) vacuum cleaner. Leave the kyBoot to dry at room temperature. Avoid strong or direct heat because the sole and upper leather can be damaged.


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